OK Cupid Found Poem

I am helplessly fixed to the charm of your look

Do I really want my hands in your hair as much as I think I do?

I’m not a great cook

Definitely into a late night chat, a bag of chips and bottle of wine


You look amazing…

Can I ask how recent this pic is?

The deep emotions mirrored in your eye

I’m new on here and looking for a long- term relationship


I know this is going to sound maybe forward and possibly weird and I don’t mean to offend you but would you pretend to be my mom?


I come to Vancouver pretty often on business

Your beauty is incomparable just like your smile is so bright like the dew

I guess my future love won’t give me her number

I love your hair. *blush*


You are so pretty and feminine

You could help me physically and sexually

I wish I had a special female friend to have dinner with, laugh with, or walk with.

Maybe someone who would take me to go look at pretty clothes?


I’m a goat header

Goat header?

Goat herder.



Hey there, so you’re extremely sexy

I was wondering if you would like to maybe get together with a younger guy?

Sup mama. Your pics really attract me

I love being a man

I love being a man


I love being a man.








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