Identity – a place you go –white walls and stiff-backed chairs -a break – an absence, a lull


Identity – a cat arranged across an outstretched arm – softly purring – how to let a man take that place – if it ever happens again – after so long with just you and the cat.


Identity – meeting a new man – his eyes take you in – all such a façade – he will find you out – feel the soft beneath your solid.


Identity – watching your face and body age -things shifting, sliding – inside, you are twenty five -your lips still full and red – not that pale, washed out lip that now meets you in the mirror.


Identity- young folks act like you are of another generation -which you are – but they out you. They notice. They make you feel it.


Identity – a place you go at 3:00 am – awake, on fire, needing air, alone, searching wide-eyed,